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Cloth Pyramid-Style Book-ends


We have an insatiable appreciation for fabric. A highly-designed textile is a bit of art that can bring a great deal depth and mood with a room. Sometimes I feel as though there just arent enough uses of fabrics in any given room. Combine by purchasing my husbands (cliche, I would argue) disdain for accent pillows, plus it signifies that Im always looking for creative and non-traditional solutions to put fabric to make use of during my home. Todays project has a great balance. A little fabric, some beginner-level sewing, along with a kitchen staple make for a couple of book-ends which are both unique and sculptural.

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-two 13&Prime x 9&Prime cuts of fabric (We used Anne Kelles Remix Triangles in Black by Robert Kaufman)

-rice or beans

-pillow stuffing





1. With right sides facing, fold the rectangle in two lengthwise to align the 2 9&Prime edges, and stitch them together.

2. Turn the material tube right-side out.

3. Fold the edges of one of the openings within 1/2&Prime, and stitch shut.

4. Fill the material pouch about 1/three of the way full with rice or beans or perhaps something to weigh it down. Fill the remaining with pillow stuffing.

5. Fold the sides of the remaining opening inside 1/2&Prime shut, pin in position, and stitch shut, such that the seam is perpendicular to the previous one.


Finished product:

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