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Exotic Tropical Island Home – Paradise Beneath the Palm Trees

This exotic, yet contemporary home is located on an island in an exclusive locale near the Philippines. This home was specifically developed by Mrs. Faria who worked in collaboration with others. The home breathes openness and a sense of freedom and heightens the sense of pure serenity.


Originally envisioned as a resort where couples could spend their honey-moons for a hefty fee, the owner of the island property loved it so much that he made it his own home to live in permanently. It features an amazing pool and scenery. Living beneath the palm trees is a luxury that many of us can only dream of.



The only way for the owner of this home to go to and from his residence is by boat or via helicopter and there is a personal helipad on the residence, hidden just behind the pool area and disguised amongst the palm trees and fauna. One would never even assume that this was a helicopter landing area unless you were told.

As we examine the indoor design, you can see how the decor matches the general color scheme and even the coloring of the wooden tables matches the general “feel” of the jungle-type environment that the home’s outdoor is similar to.

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One thing is for sure: if you happen to be a millionaire, living in a place like this must be breathtaking.

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