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Floating bathtub is also a hammock; A great way to relax!

Vessel bathtub that doubles as a hammock
A bathtub that is actually a hammock? This sounds far-fetched, yet very relaxing if it were to actually exist. Great news! It does exist! “Vessel” is a bath that is developed from strong, yet lightweight carbon fiber and hangs like a hammock. It was developed by Splinter Functions. Later in this article, we tell you what the co-founder of Splinter Functions had to say about this unique and fun mix of hammock and bath.

Made for use in a room that has tiled floor with a drain that has no trouble with things getting moist, Vessel is actually suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor, just like a hammock. It attaches to the walls with stainless steel brackets that can be covered or just left exposed, depending on your decor or design style. The bath is filled with water and uses a standing floor tap. The water after bathing is released via the base into a drain on the tiled flhammock-bath-2oor. A down-pipe drain can also be installed, if necessary, if a wet space setting is not possible or available.

The co-founder of the Vessel’s parent company had this to say about their product: “Struck by the synergistic qualities amongst the shapes of 2 quite compelling items that have come known to symbolize rest, (a bathtub and a hammock) we were inspired to create a piece that would offer the best of both worlds that allow for pure and total bliss.”

Peaceful fun of meditating or relaxing in a hammock has been enhanced by combining it with the immense comfort of soaking in warm bathwater. Elevating the experience of bathing into a sculpture suspended above the bathroom floor has been reinvented as a contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation, while still maintaining its secondary function as being a bathtub.

Vessel, designed from carbon fiber (utilized for its inherent power and capacity to be formed into complicated curves as well as being very lighammock-bath-0htweight), mimics the weave of the cloth/rope of a common hammock. Below multiple layers of carbon fiber lies a foam based core layer, which is there as insulation for the tub. This means the bath stays at just the right warmth you prefer for a substantially longer period than your old style, run-of-the-mill bathtub!

At eight foot and ten inches in length when fully extended, Vessel is not just a typical bathtub, but much more. There is an abundance of space to share the experience of this fun bath with a significant other, if you so choose. Custom built sizes are also available through the manufacturer, but it is also developed so that it you can trim up to almost a foot of length from the hammock bathtub Vessel, allowing for the most flexible set up arrangements that are possible. Pictured on this page is the Vessel hammock tub in black, but it also offered in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver, just to name a few of the many color options.

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