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How to decorate small bedrooms

Having a small bedroom might seem a problem because space isn’t enough to add all what you want, and you have lots of stuff to store. This post shows you some decoration and storage ideas for your small bedroom that allow you have an amazing bedroom while storing all your stuff without making a mess.

Since the bed already occupies a large space of the room, but you can never get rid of it, then the best solution is to get the best out of it. Get beds with underneath drawers, these drawers are usually big in size and thus can store lots of stuff. Some people also store a lot of stuff under the mattress of the bed where this big space usually goes wasted.


Having a shelving unit is also very important since it gives you a lot of storage places, and a great idea includes adding curtains to hide the shelving unit so that it doesn’t show and the overall look seems tidy and neat.


Having a closet with lots of drawers and shelves really helps you store all your clothes, shoes, accessories, and more in a small, organized space. You can also buy nightstands with drawers to give you more space.

Wall hooks always seem to be perfect in small spaces because you just hang them on the wall and then you can hang a lot of clothes on them without the need for big spaces.

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