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Relaxing Window Sill Cushioned Seats

Windows are typically thought of as just something that a house has, that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can turn your window sill into a fashionable yet functional piece of furniture via some simple interior decorating!

By constructing a boxed in area (that will serve as the frame) beneath a window sill that has enough space, you can then add molding and paint it to match the color of your decor. Next, you can buy a cushion that fits the top of this frame, or if you are even more creative, you can create the cushion yourself!

Not only can you turn the window sill area into a comfortable sofa-type seat, you can even add additional utility by having a storage space underneath it, or even use it as a toy chest for children!

Here are some photo examples of custom window sill cushioned seats that our readers have submitted to us to give you inspiration:








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